Jianye property constantly iterates and upgrades the service system, focusing on the whole life cycle of the owner, and builds a basic service, butler happiness service, and "Jianye.+The four ecological service systems composed of life services and property cloud intelligence services rely on "Jianye.+The Happiness ecosystem, based on the family as a unit, provides full life cycle services according to the individual needs of the owners at different stages of life。

  • Property Basic Services:

      Jianye property around security, cleaning, greening, maintenance of four aspects of the iron eagle action, smooth100, Woodpecker operation, Green operation, Blue Shield operation, Hawkeye operation and other work, continue to improve the level of basic services, to provide refined services。

  • Butler Happiness Service:

      Rely on butler assistant, intimate butler, platinum butler three butler system,Jianye Property focuses on improving customer happiness experience, providing a convenient lifestyle, and responding quickly to the needs of owners,Establish a service system with the characteristics of Jianye - butler happiness service,Designed to continuously improve customer satisfaction,Let the housekeeper become the owner's most trusted family。

  • "Jianye +" Life Services:

      With customer needs as the starting point and diversified life services as the purpose, Jianye Property links resources, builds a platform, extends the service context around the scenes of house purchase, decoration and occupancy, and carries out Mercure, Meijia, retail, rental and sales, financial services, media and space services to continuously improve customer satisfaction and enhance service value。

  • Jianye Property Cloud Intelligence Services:

      Jianye Property is customer-centric, with the help of the Internet and big data technology, online and offline integration, build a "platform" (Jianye Property cloud platform)+End (' Jianye+APP, 'builder'APP, Blue Shield cloud)+Digital command center+The intelligent service system composed of "Call command Center" achieves unified service entrance, unified command and dispatch, and unified management standards。