Jianye Property: New lifestyle service provider

  Henan Jianye Property Management Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Jianye Property") was established in 1994。The company adheres to the enterprise spirit of "pursuing excellence and perseverance", adheres to the quality policy of "perfect property management", and professionally provides a full range of property basic services, community life services, case services, consulting services, etc., serving millions of owners。On May 15, 2020, Jianye New Life (including Jianye Property) was successfully listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange。
  Jianye property to "rooted in the Central plains,Benefit the people "as the core value,At present, it has a comprehensive layout in Henan province, city, county, town and village five levels of market,And radiation to many central provinces and Xinjiang, Hainan and other places,Service types include residential, commercial, office buildings, stadiums, characteristic towns, pastoral complexes, schools, hospitals, parks, "three supply and one industry" projects, urban services, industrial parks, etc,From community service to urban service,It is one of the professional property companies with high reputation in China。
  The company positioning itself as a "new lifestyle service provider",At present, it has formed four service systems: property basic service, butler happiness service, "construction +" life service and property cloud intelligence service,Provide full life cycle services according to the individual needs of the owners at different stages of life,Relying on the "Jianye +" happy ecosystem for owners to customize a new lifestyle,Provide services without blind spots in region, time and function。The company has standardized management and mature operation in the management area, and has become a flag of local property management。
  Jianye New Life is the honorary vice president unit of China Property Management Association, Jianye Property is the vice president unit of Henan Property Management Association and the Vice president unit of Zhengzhou Property Management Association。With a strong development trend and strong comprehensive strength,2016~2018年,Jianye Property ranks among the top 16, Top 16 and Top 15 of China's property management comprehensive strength;From 2019 to 2021,Jianye New Life ranks among the top 13, Top 12 and top 11 property enterprises in China,And in 2022, the top 11,Continue to lead the Central plains habitat to a new height。
  Follow the light, not afraid of strangers。Under the new era pattern, Jianye property will closely follow the pulse of The Times, uphold the original heart of sincerity, dedication and perseverance, and strive to create a new lifestyle with Jianye characteristics, so that owners are happier and life is better!